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Sara Glaxia had been born through alpha waves on time zero.

Raised by a pack of wolfs near the fire, with an owl beside the transparent moon; later on, entered the circus and worked as an acrobat and dragon, where she learned how to fly and count numbers backward infinitely, and she started her artistic career then.

About age enrolled to work at the Pettibon art factory where she earned the skills of diving in the sky and breeding underwater. After few years of swimming inwards she remained in the bottom of the ocean for nearly too long, the mermaids told her stories about hot boys surfing in speedos… So she tried to get to shore when a sea warm had caught her and spit her out of space, she flew far enough to get absorbed by a black hole, so she entered this dimension but lives in a parallel reality where just silence matters.

With borrowed memories and delicious food by the crystal lake, birds tweet a billion variations of lullabies, day and night, tight, and she clears the gaze of a sight. Standing on top of a crumbled sand castle with a rainbow shield, and mirror sunglasses looking through the pupils of your eyes, just waiting for the right moment to come out.


2015 –

Double Absence. Group Show, Photograph.  pf Gallery of Photography, Zamek, Poznan, Poland

Island Iceland Offshore Project. Group Show, Skatfell, Seydisfjödur, IS

MAD#1 (multiple art days). Performance for Book Presentation  “Serpentine Illusions”Royal Book Lodge– at La Maison Rouge, Foundation Antoine de Galbert sontheureux, Paris, FR

Vienna for Art’s Sake.Collective Show, Winterpalais der Prinzen Eugen, Vienna, Austria.

Tobofono / Spacetoddler. Performance in co. Maurizio Curcio, SALoTTo VIENNA_aspern Seestad, Vienna, Austria.

2014 –

Milk’s Turn.Painting and Drawing Exhibition, and performance “Call to Jupiter ll.for GLAXIA print project on co. Katy Rodriguez and Anna Erb… Tubofono by Maurizio Curcio. Palazzo Lantieri, Gorizia, IT

Call to Jupiter. Performance, SALoTTo VIENNA. Peceria, Trieste, IT

The Remnants’ Circus.  Curated in co with Severin Dünser, for Franz Graf’s finissage, SCHWARZ HEUTE JETZT HABE DASS SCHON FAST VERGESSEN. 21HAUS Museum, Vienna, AT

FERAL  performance with Snorri Asmundsson, for Franz Graf, SCHWARZ HEUTE JETZT HABE DASS SCHON FAST VERGESSEN. 21HAUS Museum, Vienna, AT

2013 –

 Sadomaso CircusLecture, Büro Weltaustellung, Vienna, AT

2012 –

Black Beauty. Solo show, Wiener Art Foundation, Vienna, AT

2011 –

House Wife Blood.Performance for Book Presentation “Kunstraum Innsbruck’s book, Collective Show, AT

The Forgotten Bar Project c/o Beer. Collective Show, Berlin, DE

 *Grrr*(eece) & *Hmmm* The Forgotten Bar Project. Collective show, Galerie Regierungsviertel, Berlin, Heidelberger, Athen, GR

Lucas_Bosch_Gelatin.Opening performance, Kunsthalle, Krems, AT

2010 –

Fractional Systems. Garage Project II.Performance, Schindler Haus, MAK Center, Los Angeles, USA

Be my tv. Performance, Chrymo Gallery, Reykjavik, IS

Black Butter. Iceland hits Danube– Performance for Franz Graf “Schwarz Heute Jetzt Habe Dass Schon Fast Vergessen” Kunsthalle Krems, AT

2009 –

Naked Couture.Performance, COCO gallery, Vienna, AT

100%cotton. Performance  for Christoph Hinterhuber “Selector Alois Bernsteiner”, Ves.ch gallery, Vienna, AT

2009 –

Collaboration with Didi Bruckmayer and Sigi AignerPerformance  at Lentos Museum, Linz, AT

Artrat.  performIC Innsbruck, AT

Chicken Flan, d.j. Hitler, Sexual Healing event, Flex club, Vienna, AT

2008 –

Bunny and the Blonds. Mundi’s fashion show, Kron Kron, Reykjavík, IS

GushLord.Kunst zone Karlsplatz, Vienna, Austria, AT

2007 –

La Louvre. Performance for Gelitin, Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, FR

The Hamsterwheel.Performance for Gelitin and Mom’s, Venice, IT

Collaborations with Chicks on Speed. Hamburg, Vienna, Amsterdam, Berlin.

Tension; sex; dispair aber hallo/na und. Installation with Matthew Wilkinson, Kunsthalle Exnergasse WUK Vienna, AT

2006 –

Chinese Synthese Leberkäse.Kunsthaus, Gelitin. Performance, Bregenz, AT

Zeichnungen 2001-2006. Solo Show, Plattform – Raum für Kunst, Vienna, AT

Retrospective. Opening performance for Raymond Pettibon, performance with Raymond Pettibon and Hans Weingand, Kunsthalle Wien, AU

2005 –

 Re-escape. Galerie imregierungsviertel, Hamburg, DE

Zweiter Berliner Kunstsalon. Collective show, Man Museum, Berlin, DE

2004 –

Sammlung Taubenstrasse/Taubenstrasse Collection. Collective show, Hamburg, DE

Ginnungagap/pavilion of belief. drawings, Collective show, Gallerie im regierungsviertel, Venice, IT

Break my Brick. Music Pavillion, show for James Moores, collateral to Liverpool Biennial, UK

L’image de la jeunesse, un jour de fe^te. Drawings, Collective show, Gallery Nomadenoase, Paris

2002 –

Gelatin’s Armpit.Performance, Liverpool biennial UK

2000 –

Oh Yeah.  Solo Show, Gelitin Studio, Vienna, AT

1998 –

Rayos y Centellas. La Panaderia Gallery, Mexico City, MX


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