“Black Butter”

Iceland hits Danube, Franz Graf & Franz Pomassl

2010 Iceland hits Danube, “Black Butter” performance in collaboration with Matthias Widder, for Franz Graf’s “Schwarz Heute Jetzt Habe Dass Schon Fast Vergessen” Kunsthalle Krems, Austria 2010.


Sara-Glaxia-photo-Ania-Nidzgorska-01 Sara-Glaxia-photo-Ania-Nidzgorska-02 Sara-Glaxia-photo-Ania-Nidzgorska-03 Sara-Glaxia-photo-Ania-Nidzgorska Sara-glaxia-photo-Marlies-Wirth-01 Sara-glaxia-photo-Marlies-Wirth-02 Sara-glaxia-photo-Marlies-Wirth-03 Sara-glaxia-photo-Marlies-Wirth-07 Sara-glaxia-photo-Marlies-Wirth-08


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