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Tunnel, the Next Generation & the Ghetto Ghost

Director(s): Sara Glaxia and Matthew Wilkingson

Brief video synopsis: Bunny & the Blonds interprete timeless era

interupt time-space, a tune of flickering insanity to the ears of the wise trotter

highlighting the spirit of English working class, always ready to DANCE

HoOpPa! bunny disintegrating class levels cause God had told her to

hOoPs BaLoOpA God greatest teaser, we got idiots everywhere even so

-humans- need of ghosts to have fun!!

WeEMpAhBaLlHiMpAh got something in the ears

its not getting lost cause the fun had arrived to your door

knock knock, who’s there?

donky on its knees, the sculpture of a woman missing an arm

lilliput MINI tiny little world, inside my nail… rejoin and end enjoy your brain cells… hoop hoop hurry!

GUETTO -5 SDC12367  SDC12343 SDC12341 SDC12356


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