Analog Artwork Arc

Galaxia Print

©Katy Rodriguez

Sara Glaxia




The “Galaxia Print” project is a print on silk of a drawing by Sara Glaxia

This fashion project was realized by designer Katy Rodriguez in Los Angeles, California in 2011. The designs had been presented at the fashion week in Paris on 2012.

Few years later the performance in collaboration with Anna Erb had to be done in regard of the this production to be not only a fashion item but an artwork as well, this show tuck place at Palace Lantieri, Gorizia, Italy in 2014.

a courtesy of Salotto Vienna

a courtesy of Salotto Vienna

by Giulia Bellemo

Katy and I met at Tony Alva’s skateboard shop in 2010, when Raymond Pettibon. It was a great party going on… We had decide to make this project due our conversation about Lilly Allen, and now I am happy with the result although Katy seems to had forget to pay for the job or add my name on the tag in the clothes… so, not really an artwork , in the end… but still, beautiful…


©Katy Rodriguez

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